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Detachable Glassy Carbon Electrode Straight Type PTFE Rod

  The working electrode refers to an electrode that can cause significant changes in the concentration of the component to be tested in the test solution during the test. Common working electrodes include disk electrodes and replaceable electrode holders. Disk electrodes include glassy carbon electrodes,platinum disk electrodes,gold disk electrodes,silver disk electrodes,graphite electrodes,etc. Replaceable electrode holders include PTFE electrode holders, PEEK electrode holders, metal electrode holders, glassy carbon electrode holders, sample holders, etc. Glassy carbon electrode is one of the most widely used working electrodes, and it is a better inert electrode. Glassy carbon electrode has many advantages such as good conductivity, high hardness, high finish, high hydrogen overpotential, and wide polarization range. Its chemical properties are very stable, and it can be used as an inert electrode for direct anodic dissolution testing, and voltammetric determination of cathodes and

In-Situ Raman Spectroscopy Electrochemical Cell

  In-situ Raman spectroscopy electrochemical cell is designed and manufactured for studying the in-situ spectra and morphology changes of electrode materials in electrochemical experiments. The working electrode is placed directly under the see-through window, so that the optical instrument can detect the working electrode from the quartz light window above the cell body. Commonly used instruments include optical microscopes, infrared microscopes, X-ray spectrometers, confocal Raman spectrometers, etc. According to different experimental test requirements, the in-situ Raman spectroscopy electrochemical cell is divided into four types: Single cell body with single light window type Single cell body with double light window type H type double cell body with single side light window type H type double cell body with double side light window type The single cell body with single light window type is the most widely used in-situ Raman characterization cell in DekResearch. It can be applied