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In Situ Raman Electrochemical Cell

In Situ Raman Electrochemical Cell is a specialized setup used in Raman spectroscopy to study chemical reactions and processes that occur at electrode surfaces under electrochemical conditions. Raman spectroscopy is a technique used to analyze the vibrational modes of molecules, providing information about molecular structure, composition, and interactions.   In an in situ Raman electrochemical cell, the setup integrates a Raman spectrometer with an electrochemical cell, allowing researchers to monitor changes in molecular composition and structure in real-time as electrochemical reactions take place at the electrode surface. This setup enables detailed insights into the mechanisms of electrochemical reactions, the formation of reaction intermediates, and the behavior of catalysts or electrode materials under working conditions. Key components of an in situ Raman electrochemical cell typically include: Electrochemical cell: This includes electrodes (working electrode, reference electro