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Ag AgCl Reference Electrode Silver Silver Chloride Φ6*140mm Glass Rod

In electrochemistry, in order for a specific reaction to occur, a stable electric potential needs to be applied to the working electrode. The potential of the working electrode should always be accurately controlled. This is why a reference electrode is needed as a potential reference standard. Common reference electrodes include Silver Silver Chloride Ag/AgCl reference electrode, saturated calomel electrode,Hg/HgO reference electrode, Hg/Hg2SO4 reference electrode and Non aqueous Ag+ reference electrode,etc. The silver-silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrode is the most commonly used reference electrode. Compared with calomel electrodes that use mercury and its salts, Ag/AgCl electrodes are more environmentally friendly. Its electrode potential also has sufficient stability, reliability and reproducibility. Special attention should be paid to maintenance and storage when using Ag/AgCl reference electrode. Before use rinse it with deionized water. If air bubbles are present around the poro

Platinum Mesh Electrode Without Diagonal Reinforcement 30*30mm

  Platinum is an inert metal and does not participate in the electrode reaction itself, so it is the first choice for the counter electrode. One of the important parameters of the counter electrode is its surface area. The counter electrode must have a large enough area to support the current conduction generated on the working electrode. Platinum electrodes include platinum sheet electrodes, platinum wire electrodes, and platinum mesh electrodes. The area of the platinum mesh electrode is smaller than platinum sheet electrode, and it is also suitable for use in combination with large-size sheet-shaped working electrode materials. There are two types of platinum mesh electrodes. Through a special customized process, a platinum mesh counter electrode with a PTFE insulated rod can be made into an integrated platinum mesh counter electrode. The platinum mesh can also be clamped by a replaceable electrode clamp as a counter electrode. At the same time, in some spectral photoelectrocatalyti